Edit: find the updated version with more functions in gnokii-extras git repository.

I just added gnokii_open() and gnokii_close().

gnokii_open() has two optional arguments, just like command line gnokii: path of config file and name of phone section
gnokii_close() is optional since PHP will close for you at the end of the script

Bug: a script can't open two phones at the same time because the second open will overwrite the pointer of the first one (I will implement a global pool).

Updated function list:

static function_entry gnokii_functions[] = {
        PHP_FE(gnokii_open, NULL)
        PHP_FE(gnokii_close, NULL)
        PHP_FE(gnokii_identify, NULL)
        PHP_FE(gnokii_lasterror, NULL)
        PHP_FE(gnokii_version, NULL)
        PHP_FE(gnokii_getsmsstatus, NULL)
        PHP_FE(gnokii_getsms, NULL)
        PHP_FE(gnokii_deletesms, NULL)
        PHP_FE(gnokii_reset, NULL)
        {NULL, NULL, NULL}